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November 10th

I don’t know what to think today. Not because of any particular trauma, but because of general nothingness. Bright points intersperse themselves infrequently along a dull timeline of grey.

I like grey, though. It’s comforting. It’s a mix of all the colours and none of them.

There I go again. Always analysing.

I wish people would stop telling me we’re a cute couple. Well, I don’t. It’s more that I wish they’d say it with any possibility of it existing.

To be honest, I wasn’t ready either. Never am.

I shouldn’t have gone in today. I feel like shit, my legs like achey cotton wool, my head sore. I’ve had all my female teachers but one comment on my countenance with concern. Pale and cold and tired. I can’t help it. Too many outside forces.

Nothing changes.